Staff, Learners and Employers

Staff, Learners and Employers

Library resources for specific professions and specialisms

To help you navigate our extensive, carefully selected range of resources for work, studies, professional development and research we have created some specific ‘go to’ pages for you and your colleagues. Follow the links below to take you direct to library resources for…

Knowledge Mobilisation

Some knowledge is not published but is individual or organisational ‘know how’. The NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework is designed to help individuals to develop and use skills to mobilise knowledge effectively. The techniques will help you to learn before, during and after everything that you do, so that pitfalls can be avoided and best practice replicated. A set of postcards is available to complement the framework.

Health Literacy

Did you know that 61% of working age adults can’t fully understand health information if it includes both text and numbers? To find out more about how this impacts healthcare and to learn some simple techniques to help improve health literacy, take a look at our e-learning, Health Literacy: You can make a difference.

Uplifting resources for the NHS from the NHS

Health Education England and the Reading Agency have crowd-sourced a list of uplifting, digital resources from NHS staff. The choices were recommended by your colleagues in the NHS, and are ideal for boosting your mood. You can use at your leisure via any computer or mobile device.

Introduction for Employers

NHS knowledge and library specialists take the heavy lifting out of getting evidence into practice. As an employer you can benefit from working with a NHS knowledge and library services.

Healthcare is a knowledge-based industry. Knowledge for Healthcare 2021-2026 sets the strategic direction for the development of NHS knowledge and library services. The priorities are to enable all NHS staff and learners to benefit equally from high-quality knowledge services, and optimise the expertise of knowledge and library teams to inform decision making.

The HEE commissioned report Library and Knowledge Services Value Proposition: The Gift of Time identifies key benefits of a library and knowledge service within an NHS organisation and, specifically, the specialist roles embedded within NHS teams.

We have recently produced an ‘at a glance’ interactive poster to download or read with ‘9 steps you can take to ensure decisions are underpinned by evidence’ – key support for ICSs and ICB leaders on how best to work with, and get the most from, your local NHS Knowledge and Library Services for support.