Our senior team

Chief Knowledge Officer

Sue Lacey Bryant

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) and National Lead for NHS Knowledge and Library Services.

Ask me about knowledge strategy, policies, collaborative working to enable informed decision-making, and the development of NHS Knowledge and Library Services in England.

Heads of NHS Knowledge and Library Services

Louise Goswami

Louise Goswami

Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer
Ask me about services in these areas, mobilising evidence and knowledge.

Ruth Carlyle

Picture of Ruth Carlyle

Head of Library and Knowledge Services, Health Literacy and Patient Information.
Ask me about services in these areas, health and digital literacies and research.

Please email senior team: england.kfh@nhs.net

Senior Managers, Knowledge and Library Services 

Alison Day, Clare Edwards, Emily Hopkins, Lucy Reid and Knowledge and Library Service Hub Manager Alan Fricker.

The senior team work together to:  

  • Provide strategic advice and professional leadership to NHS organisations  
  • Undertake a range of activities which benefit from economies of scale including commissioning, procuring and managing a suite of digital knowledge resources accessible to all health and social care staff  
  • Uphold standards that minimise inequality of service and demonstrate that NHS knowledge and library services provide value for money through the Knowledge for Healthcare Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework for NHS-funded library and knowledge services.  
  • Provide a targeted range of appropriate professional and personal staff development opportunities via the Knowledge for Healthcare Learning Academy, for the library and knowledge services workforce  
  • Act as a conduit between local and national NHS programmes  
  • Promote innovation in knowledge and library service design and delivery  
  • Enable the adoption and spread of good knowledge and library services practice throughout the NHS  
  • Engage with non-NHS healthcare libraries via Royal Colleges, independent and third sector organisations, and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.  

Please email Senior Managers on england.kfh@nhs.net