For the Public

For the Public

These sites provide reliable access to health information

Information for the Public

These reliable and informative health information sites can help you with a range of issues, such as finding a local GP or dentist, learning more about conditions and also healthy lifestyles.

Always check with a health professional if you have any concerns about your health. Click here for specific information about Coronavirus.

Developing your skills and awareness

If you are about to have a conversation with a health professional, it is good to spend time preparing. Simple tips can help you to think about the questions to ask. You can also develop skills in accessing, and using health information, known as health literacy skills.

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Health Literacy

You can improve your skills in accessing, assessing and using health information. This e-learning programme introduces techniques and tells you more about health literacy.

We have also developed a campaign with resources to help promote the course in your organisation if you would like to share information about it.