Developing the Library and Knowledge Services Workforce

Developing the library and knowledge services workforce

Developing the Knowledge and Library Services Team

A range of resources is available to facilitate the development of your knowledge and library services team, ensuring they are equipped to meet the information needs of all NHS staff and learners.

Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB)

The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) is a skills development tool, developed specially for CILIP members. You can use the PKSB to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and to map skills gaps and priorities your knowledge services team.

Resources for Role Redesign

Health Education England has developed a suite of resources to give a flavour of the knowledge and skills required for the wide-range of existing and emerging roles in health knowledge and library services. This will help you to think about role redesign, role enhancement and role enlargement.

CPD Programme for knowledge and library staff

A rolling programme of continuing professional development opportunities is provided by Health Education England for the knowledge and library services staff.  These opportunities are based on a biannual development needs analysis and responses to national strategic priorities.

Current opportunities are signposted via an events calendar and advertised through the library managers’ mailing list.

Learning Zone

TheLearning Zone signposts to a range of resources available to support the development of the knowledge and library services workforce. Divided into three sections covering Generic Skills, Specialist and Technical Skills, and Career Development and Vocational Skills, this provides a valuable resource for those wishing to develop their skills and knowledge.