Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework

Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework

Health Education England (HEE) has developed a Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework that sets the standards and ambition for Healthcare Library and Knowledge Services. This signals a step change to help organisations work with their knowledge services team, both to improve service delivery for patient care and to better articulate the positive outcomes of the knowledge service. The Framework is an integral part of HEE’s Quality Framework and replaces the former Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF).

The Outcomes Framework is a tool for NHS organisations to ensure that all NHS funded librarians and knowledge specialists manage and deliver high quality, high performing services that develop and improve to meet the changing needs of NHS organisations and staff.  From 2021, if your organisation benefits from an Education Contract with HEE you will be asked to complete a self-evaluation and submit evidence using this framework. 

There are six Quality and Improvement Outcomes:

1. All NHS organisations enable their workforce to freely access proactive library and knowledge services that meet organisational priorities within the framework of Knowledge for Healthcare.

2. All NHS decision making is underpinned by high quality evidence and knowledge mobilised by skilled library and knowledge specialists.

3. Library and knowledge specialists identify the knowledge and evidence needs of the workforce in order to deliver effective and proactive services.

4. All NHS organisations receive library and knowledge services provided by teams with the right skill mix to deliver on organisational and Knowledge for Healthcare priorities.

5. Library and knowledge specialists improve the quality of library and knowledge services using evidence from research, innovation and good practice. 

6. Library and knowledge specialists demonstrate that their services make a positive impact on healthcare 

Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework