Our health literacy e-learning campaign

A short course for a big health impact

Nearly half the adults in England (43%) struggle to read and understand health information. When that information includes words and numbers, that rises to 61%. 

This means important details, such as how to take medicines and dosage, understanding appointment letters and test results can be missed – and not everyone feels confident to say when they don’t understand.

Better presentation of information and some simple communication techniques can really help people to make better informed choices about their care and treatment.

The course can help staff and students quickly learn easy-to-use techniques to improve communication, supporting the understanding of the people they treat and care for. As a result, patients, families and carers will be able to make better health and wellbeing choices.

Anyone can sign up today for the course, hosted on the NHS e-learning for healthcare platform – there is a simple registration process and once completed you will be able to access the free course quickly and easily.

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If you want information about health literacy in your area you can use this geodata software – simply type in your Local Authority to find out more.

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61% adults struggle to understand words and numbers…

43% of adults struggle to understand words…

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