NHS knowledge and library services awareness week

14 – 18 June 2021

Let’s celebrate our first ever NHS Knowledge and Library Services Awareness Week – 14 to 18 June 2021. Join us and take this opportunity to shine a light on the positive impact of NHS knowledge and library services.

The week draws attention to the invaluable work undertaken by NHS knowledge and library specialists who work with healthcare staff across a broad range of specialisms.  Taking evidence to the board and the bedside, the service is there for every member of the NHS.

Taking the ‘heavy lifting’ out of bringing reliable, up to date evidence to healthcare, library teams free up the time of their colleagues. Knowledge specialists and librarians deliver the right information enabling multidisciplinary teams to make informed decisions at the right time, at the point of need. 

In practice, this means that knowledge services give frontline teams the gift of time to focus on patients and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes. Backed by evidence, all NHS staff can be more confident they are making the right decisions.

We encourage boards to:

  • Strengthen their capability to manage knowledge and mobilise evidence.
  • Put the right expertise, roles and resources in place to realise the business benefits of NHS knowledge and library services in our digital age.

Locally, NHS knowledge and library services generally offer library learning space on site as well as delivering remote services ensuring knowledge and evidence is at the fingertips of staff and learners. 

This celebration will launch the Knowledge for Healthcare strategy. Health Education England’s ambition is for all NHS staff and learners to benefit equally from high-quality knowledge services and for the NHS to optimise the expertise of knowledge and library teams.  

Our work – and the structure of the week – is based around five key themes:

Mobilising evidence and knowledge – Evidence does not speak for itself. We work to ensure that healthcare organisations, services and systems effectively mobilise evidence from research, learning, knowledge and staff know-how.

Quality and impact – Effective knowledge services are business critical for high-quality healthcare. We work to ensure that healthcare organisations, staff and learners receive quality assured knowledge and library services.

Health Literacy and patient information – We want to help people make better decisions about their health. We work to ensure that staff, learners, patients and the public are better equipped to use evidence-based patient, health and wellbeing information for shared decision making and self-care. <>

Quick and easy access to digital knowledge resources – The NHS requires seamless access to high quality digital resources. We work to ensure staff and learners they make optimal use of these resources and evidence at the point of need. <>

Developing the right knowledge services workforce – NHS knowledge and library service teams take the heavy lifting out of getting evidence into practice. We work to ensure that the knowledge and library services workforce has increased capability, confidence and capacity to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare system.

Health Education England is committed to working with stakeholders and partner organisations we invite you to work with us to extend and enhance Knowledge for Healthcare.

Result of activity

Following the inaugural NHS Knowledge and Library Services Awareness Week (#KLSNAW) held 14-18 June, we are sharing some highlights from an analysis of online activity.

Health Education England ran an extensive social media campaign across Twitter and LinkedIn with some promotion on Facebook and we have monitored #KLSNAW across all these platforms.  You can see the initial analysis in a report showing data gathered between 1 and 20 June.

We saw extensive activity by knowledge and library teams right across the country, boosting awareness of the services provided to staff, learners and researchers. Nationally, activity focused on targeted posts, themed on the content of the Knowledge for Healthcare strategy, and often showcased by NHS advocates.  

This Awareness Week, along with related coverage in the HSJ where National Lead, Sue Lacey Bryant was interviewed, provided the much deserved recognition of these invaluable services.

#KLSNAW promotional resources

We’d love your help, to spread the word about the amazing work of NHS knowledge and library services and take this opportunity to shine a light on the positive impact of NHS knowledge and library services during our awareness week.

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